The restaurant

At Agritur Dalaip we offer a seasonal cuisine, which changes frequently depending on what our Farm can offer. Our desire is not only to “feed” but to let all our guests taste the flavour of fresh and 0 km products all year round!

Taste, scents, and colours:
explore the local area through our cooking

Every morning our farm is filled with unique fragrances such as coffee, freshly baked cakes, seasonal fruit, fresh eggs, homemade jams: everything you need to start the day with the right energy.

Thanks to the creativity of mother Luciana and the skilled touch of those who are in the kitchen like Marta and Daniele, our menu is constantly evolving every day, while carefully respecting the traditions and recipes of the family and our territory. Examples of this are the cold cuts from the animals bred on the farm, the cheeses and Tosela from the Cooperative Cheesemaking Factory of Primiero, the polenta Dorotea, the dumplings, and our desserts made with berries and fruit from the farm.

You can accompany it with a tasty BioNoć beer from the Primiero brewery or a good glass of Trentino wine. Alternatively, you can help the environment by choosing a carafe of freshwater directly from our mountain springs.

Guarantees of Quality


All our vegetables, flour, and corn have European certification of organic products. Everything we grow does not involve the use of chemicals or GMOs, and we also aim to safeguard the biodiversity of our territory.

We make the most of the products cultivated on our land and transform them directly at the farm into jams, juices, cosmetic products, and much more under the brand name “Prodotto in Agritur Trentino”.

We support the “Ecoristorazione Trentino” project with simple daily actions, such as the elimination of single-dose items in the kitchen to reduce our impact on the environment.

Take a look at our “ecoristorazione” Menu

Cheese Nic Menu


Cold cuts of own production and cheeses
from the Primiero cheese factory accompanied by preserves - 10,50€

“Canederli” (Tyrolean bread dumplings) with “Fontal” cheese, walnuts and wild herbs - 11,00€

Soup of the day - 8,00€

Polenta “Dorotea” with “Tosèla” cheese from Primiero,
“Luganega” sausage and sauercraut - 17,50€

Polenta and luganega - 10,50€

Polenta and "Tosèla" cheese from Primiero - 11,50€

Sliced turkey with apples
and green cabbage - 11,00€

Side dishes of the house - 4,50/6,00€

Our homemade desserts - 5,50€

Children having a snack outside the Agritur Dalaip dei Pape

Cheese Nic


There’s nothing more comfortable for your summer lunch than a soft meadow in front of the Pale di San Martino. From July to September 2020 you can call us every day and book your delicious #Cheesenic: a takeaway packed lunch to enjoy in the meadows surrounding our farm in total peace, maybe after a nice walk in the nearby Canali Valley.

We also have #Cheesenic 4 Kids, gluten-free menu and vegetarian menu.
The price of the CheeseNic varies according to the dishes chosen, with an extra charge of €2 per person for the picnic service.

Reservations should be made by 10:00 a.m. the same day.

Call su at +393291915445 and book your Chesse Nic!

“Typical cuisine of an excellent quality. Possibility to buy their homemade jams and preserves. Lovely place!”

Cristina, Tripadvisor 

“Lovely day for a lunch with friends. They produce almost everything themselves, typical cuisine which is delicious and filling. Very good indeed, they put all their passion and energy into it.” 

Marco, Google